Jane Chin Hospital

Jane Chin Hospital - Missouri Paranormal Experience

This abandoned hospital in Webb City, Missouri is rumored to have numerous cases of activity. During the halloween season, haunted houses are held in this abandoned hospital. Currently Being remodeled as a retirement home for the elderly. This Hospital was built in the early 1900's. However, it has been abandoned since the late 1960's. People have reported seeing strange lights. Ethereal voices have been heard as well, along with eerie footsteps. Many other experiences have also been reported.The hospital, however, appears to be truly haunted. It is said that strange noises may be heard coming from the second floor. There are many reports of animals being uneasy in this hospital. A man went into the hospital with his dog one after noon. When the dog was at the landing between the first and second floors it began began whining and barking hysterically. Others have reported the sound of a rolling gurney on the second floor—the former surgery beds. There are also reports of noises in each floor of the building.

this story is a true fact. This place is not to be messed with.

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