Haunted Springfield

Albino Farm
also known as Springlawn Estates and Sheedy Farm
Located off of North National near Greenlawn Cemetery.

This estate dates back to pre-Civil War times and was once considered "the talk of the town", drawing envious admiration from people near and far. The
Estates were built by the Sheedy family, a hard-working family of farmers. However, the Estates hold tragedies within the Sheedy family at its heart, including
the report that one of the Sheedy sons commited suicide on the property. The property ultimately ended up the responsibility of one of the seven Sheedy
children, a daughter. Reportedly the daughter hired an albino man to watch over the large estate for she and her family. The man was said to have a foul temper
and would chase individuals who came too close to the property away with a shotgun. Eventually the albino man was accused of two gruesome hatchet
murders, one a decapitation on a nearby bridge known as the Albino Farm Bridge, which holds a haunting all its own.

The large two story, 12 room frame home ultimately became very ran down and in 1988 a massive fire destroyed the entire home save some stone pillars
which still stand to mark this once majestic homes entrance. The farm was auctioned off in late 1970's at the request of the remaining elderly Sheedy family.

There are no known reports of hauntings here, just legends of hauntings, probably due to the old homes eerie demise and history. Also, different stories and
legends have evolved regarding the estates due to the fact that the previous caretaker was albino. One local legend states that a "colony" of albinos were
held captive on the estates, this is only a figment of someones imagination, not a fact.

Also, there is legend of an "Albino cemetery" at the Albino Farm, there is no evidence to support this legend. Personally, I believe this was simply once a
beautiful family farm whose family, hard-working farmers, name has been smudged at the not so pleasent rumors and legends regarding their beloved family

Albino Farm

Springlawn marker

March 19, 1979 Leader & Press Archive
Tattered top buggy is auctioned

by Herschel Fincher

The old buggy with its one-horse shaft and tongue and tattered convertible top found a new owner today.
It was auctioned for $175 as part of the estate sale of the Sheedy family, which lived just north of the city limits. The family once owned 1,240 acres in
Greene County.
All of its members are gone now. The last one, Helen Sheedy, died Jan. 28 and left the estate to nieces and nephews.
Hundreds and hundreds of people jammed Farm Road 165 north of Greenlawn Cemetary to get to the auction today. Many older people went out of pure
nostalgia, as they remembered the days when their families drove their buggies or wagons out to Springlawn horse track for an outing when the estate belonged
to the Headleys.
When Mike Sheedy and his wife, Mary Gorman Sheedy, bought the farm around 1915 it was considered a real showplace, Springfield attorney John Hulston, executor of the estate, said.
It had huge horse barns, facilities for pure Jersey cattle, the large main house and a number of smaller houses. An old log cabin near the entrance is now
half collapsed. The buggy used by the Sheedys
The old buggy was among thousands of antiques and other items which were offered in today's sale. Some of the artifacts had belonged to family members since before they bought the sprawling property.
Mike Sheedy was born in Ireland and came to Springfield in 1872 to help build tracks for the extension of the old Atlantic and Pacific Railroad from Rolla to Springfield, Hulston said.
He first homesteaded by the old Ingram School on the old Strafford road, then acquired several hundred acres of property in the area. The R. T. French Co. is built on some of the property formerly owned by the Sheedys.
They moved into the Headley estate in 1923 after doing extensive renovations and remodeling, Hulston said.
Members of the family living together then included sons Emmett, Simon, Mike, and James, and daughters Margaret, Helen and Agnes. A son, John, had married and moved to Chicago and a daughter Kate, also had married.
Kate was the only one whose children survived, and they are the nieces and nephews who have inherited the estate, Hulston said.
Hulston said the huge farm began declining about 15 years ago when Mike, the last son, died. The women were forced to rely on hired help from then on, he said.
Remember that they had four other farms in the area, too," Hulston said. "So it was no easy task for them."
They sold 550 acres they owned elsewhere to the Frisco Industrial Development Corp., which later sold some of the property to R. T. French Co., he said.
Springlawn itself has 338 acres and extends from Greenlawn Cemetary to the Sac River, Hulston said, and is over a half mile east to west. "It's the last of the
large farms bordering Springfield," he said.
"In the 1890's the public came out here to race, ride horses or just generally enjoy themselves," Hulston said.
"That old buggy belonged to the Headleys and came with the farm when the Sheedys bought it," he said.
"Helen Sheedy used to drive it from here up to where the city's streetcars stopped at National and Turner and pick up some member of the family or get
groceries," he said.
"They were hardworking farm people," Hulston said of the Sheedys. "The basis of the second generation's fortune was hard work and the family's real estate."
Among the items in today's auction, besides farm machinery and equipment, were what looked like about 50 old quilts, the family upright piano, a Victoria and
records, gas light fixtures, old library tables and all the household utensils.

September 8, 1980 Leader & Press Archive
Fire levels century-old city house

by Barbara Clauser

The 100-year-old house on the old Sheedy farm north of Greenlawn Cemetery was destroyed by fire earlier today.
It could not be determined if the blaze was set by arsonists, sheriff's deputies said, because the house was burned to the ground.
Labor Day blazes, believed to have been set by arsonists, destroyed the roof of the house, heavily damaged the second floor and destroyed a barn on the
A neighbor who woke up and saw the fire about 5:30 a.m. today told deputies the house was engulfed in flames.
Volunteer firefighters reached the scene in six minutes, deputies said, but they were too late to save the structure.
Firemen from Ebenezer, Pleasant View, Civil Defense and Fair Grove answered the call.
John O'Gorman, one of the seven heirs of the estate, said the appraised value of the house was about $20,000, but that it would cost about $200,000 to
The two-story house had 11 rooms, an attic, and a full basement.
It was built in 1880, but the Sheedy family completely remodeled and enlarged the house after buying it in 1950. The last resident, Helen Sheedy, died in
January of 1979.
O'Gorman said vandals began breaking windows and tearing down fireplaces about 1½ years ago, after a public sale was held.
Electrical power to the house was disconnected after the sale.

Springlawn Fire


Albino Farm Bridge
Location: Head North on National Avenue until you come to Greenlawn Cemetery following along National as it curves to the right. Once you get past Greenlawn Cemetery you will take an immediate left. Travel past the homes on the right and you will come upon the small old iron bridge.

Legend has it that if you park on the bridge and put your vehicle in neutral, the automobile will continue across the bridge on its own. There are also reports of

the spirit of a woman seen walking the bridge at night.


Bass Country Inn
2610 N Glenstone Ave
Springfield, MO 65803
(417) 866-6671 or 1-800-578-7878

Located 4 miles NE of downtown Springfield. Take I-44 to US65 exit 80A.

This 222 room hotel was once a Howard Johnson's. This hotel is reportedly haunted by two seperated entities, one is friendly but shy, the other is said to be a molevolent female spirit. The friendlier of the two spirits is referred to as Carl, he was a former bus boy for the hotel and is said to roam the halls. Employees
and guests of the hotel report seeing Carl in the kitchen and in the halls. Staff have also reported seeing a pair of legs beneath a table, and when they bend
down for further inspection, the legs dissappear. Carl is commonly reported as just being a glimpse from the corner of peoples eye, once they turn towards him,
he is gone. He has been witnessed entering the office and roaming the halls, but once the individual searches for whomever they have seen, no one is found.
He is said to touch people, to let them know he is near.

The other apparition, of a female, is usually unfriendly and does not welcome someone seeing her. She is also known to touch visitors and staff.


Brooks Phelps Grove Park Bridge
"The Bride Under the Bridge"
Located off of National Avenue on Bennett is Phelps Grove Park.

Legend has it that if you go to the park at night and travel to the third bridge in the park, you just might catch a glimpse of the bride under the bridge. Reportedly
this ghostly matron died on her wedding day and stands as if searching for something, in her wedding gown beneath the small bridge.


Central High School
423 E. Central Ave
Springfield, MO 65802

Central High School is the oldest school in Springfield Missouri. Originally the school was named Springfield High School. Reportedly room 311 is haunted by
eerie sounds and has a door that locks by itself. The room has been renumbered due to rennovations at the school. The basement is also the source of a
haunting, possibly due to a number of tunnels that run beneath the school and are themselves, reportedly haunted. Also, the fourth floor attic is reported to be

Central High School
Central High School


Drury University
900 N Benton Ave (the cross streets are East Central and North Benton Avenue)

Drury University was built upon the site of an old Native American burial grounds, was once in the midst of the Civil War in Missouri, and was once home to
several old Victorian homes. Rich in history, it comes as no surprise that the Univesity is also now the home to several various hauntings.

Drury first opened its doors on September 25, 1873, with a mere 39 pupils in attendance. Its campus occupied less than 1 1/2 acres in Springfield. Today it has
an 80-acre campus and is a thriving University.

In 1966, Smith Hall, a women's dormitory was built atop what was once the site of several old Victorian Homes. One of the old homes had a foul history, a
history which hosts a haunting of the little girl in pink. Reportedly, the little girl lived in the Victorian home and one night a fire burned out of control in the home,
the little girl ran back inside the burning home in search of her beloved teddy bear, she died in the horrific fire, and it is believed that she roams the halls of
Smith Hall in search of her teddy bear. Reportedly, she is a small child dressed in a pink dress and is somewhat of a prankster who prefers the 2nd floor of the
eastern hall. Students will return to their dorms only to find their locked dorm room doors standing wide open, dresser drawers will be pulled out and if a teddy
bear is in the room it will be found sitting in the middle of the room. Other female students at the Hall report that if they have a teddy bear, they will go to bed at
night with their bear in one place only to wake the next morning and find that it has been moved. One student at the hall tells a chilling tell of a phone that was
not in use and had been placed in a closet, ringing in the night, with no power source. The little girl in pink has been known to touch people and photographs of
her spirit have been captured. Another report is that one of the female occupants in the hall could not find her homework, and suspecting the little girl had hid the
paper, she directly addressed the little girl and politely ask that she return the paper, she turned to find the paper had appeared on the bed behind her.

Smith Hall on the campus of Drury University
Smith Hall located on Drury University's North campus, it is on the corner of Calhoun St. and Summit St.

Another haunted building on the Drury University campus is Thompson Hall. Clara Thompson Hall of music was built in 1925. The hall was a gift to Drury
University from Mrs. Louise Grosebeck Wallace, in memory of her daughter Clara Wallace Thompson. The hall boasts a 450 seat auditorium. Students have
reported pianos playing by themselves and doors that close on their own. Reportedly other wordly visitors reside within the walls of Thompson Hall.

Haunted Springfield - Missouri Paranormal Experience
Clara Thompson Hall of Music is located on the Uptown campus at Drury Universtiy on the corner of Benton Avenue, North of Central Street.

Another reportedly haunted location at Drury University is the Wilhoit Theatre, many students and individuals have reported that the lights within the theatre will
flicker off and on at night, with no one present inside of the building.

Also, the soccer field at Drury University was reportedly built atop sacred Native American grounds. There have been several reports of an unearthly presence


Fantastic Caverns
4872 N. FR 125
Springfield, MO 65803
(417) 833-2010

Fantastic Cavens, just northwest of Springfield Missouri, is one of more than 5,600 known caves that dot the Missouri landscape, and more are still being
discovered. Of these caves only 18 are open and Fantastic Caverns is the only one to offer a ride through tour.

In 1867, a group of 12 Missouri women, chanced an exploration of the cave. Equipped with ladders and ropes, they ventured inside the cave at the request of
the property's owner, John Knox, who happened upon the cave while hunting with his dog, for cave explorers. The women explored the cave with only torches
and lanterns, writing their names upon the wall of the cave, which still bears witness to their brave investigation, still today.

During the Prohibition in the 1920's, Fantastic Caverns was used as a "Speak Easy". The "Speak Easy" was closed in the 1960's because of a deadly shooting.

Following the closing of the "Speak Easy", the caverns were purchased by a vigilante group who held secret meetings here until 1939.

In the 1960's the caverns were opened to the public as a drive-through cavern.

People have reported the cave has supernatural healing powers. Also, many visitors report anomolies in the pictures they have taken during tours in the cave.
Also, reportedly the image of a young girl dressed in a polka-dot dress has been seen by two different cave employess near the first bridge cross-over in the

Millers Paranormal Research, a fantastic paranormal group located in Missouri, conducted an investigation in the caverns, at the request of Fantastic Caverns
staff. Please visit their website and read their findings in the cave at www.millersparanormalresearch.com

Fantastic caverns
Fantastic Caverns

Early Fantastic Caverns
Early Fantastic Caverns


Landers Theatre
Located at 311 E Walnut

The Landers Theatre was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. It was built in 1907 and on December 7, 1920, suffered a major fire. In
1928 the Landers Theatre became the 35th theatre in the world to acquire "talkie" installations. In 1940 it became the Fox-Midwest Theatre and in 1959 it was
home of Jubilee, a national show which aired on NBC. In the 1970's i became home to the Springfield Little Theatre, whose name it still bears today. In the
1980's the theatre underwent major renovations, restoring it closely to its former glory.

During the 1920's fire, a janitor at the theatre died in the devestating blaze. It is reported that he still resides within the walls of the theatre. The janitor is
reportedly seen regularly up in the balcony of the theatre, by the stage actors.

It is also said to be the home of a baby who was dropped accidentally from the upper balcony. Stage actors report a residual haunting, where the baby is seen
falling again and again. It is also reported that people have heard the baby crying and is then comforted by its unwordly Mother.

Other reports include the apparition of a tall woman with long blonde hair peering from the 4th story window at passebys on the street below. The woman has
never been viewed from within the theatre, she is only viewed from the outside, peering through the window. Spotlights and equiptment uplug themselves and
turn off and on of their own accord. People have reported feeling like someone tapped on their shoulder, one investigator reported being shoved twice during
an investigation, people feel an uneasy sense of being followed, and several apparitions have been reported at different locations throughout the theatre.

There have also been reports of a black void, which seems to encompass and erase any backdrop, such as walls, behind it. Also, there is another haunting
which is referred to as "the green orb". The orb appears to be about 5 ft. tall and is quite illuminating and bright.

Haunted Springfield - Missouri Paranormal Experience


Lipscomb Feed Mill
(formerly the "Houn' Dawg" rendering plant)
700 W. Wall St.
Springfield, MO 65805

Reportedly an employee was killed in a workplace accident at the plant and still walks the many areas in this building. The former employee is said to turn lights
off and on and is somewhat of a prankster, annoying the current buildings occupants by throwing papers around and tossing trash. The building is currently being
remodeled as a rock climbing facility.


Missouri State University
Freudenberger House
1000 E. Madison St.

The Freudenberger House is known to MSU students as the Freddy House. This house is located on the MSU campus. It is a 5 story residence hall built in 1959
and was named after Norman Freudenberger, a professor of latin for 45 years at MSU and was head of the university's foreign languages department for 36
years. Built to accomodate 140 students it is also home to the Military Science Department at MSU.

Acoording to legend the 5th story of the Freddy House is haunted by a ghost who is known as "Dorm Mom".

Pythian Castle
1451 E. Pythian St.
Springfield, MO 65802
(417) 865-1465

The Pythian Castle was origionally built by the Kights of Pythia in 1913 as an orphanage, it was later owned by the U.S. Military and was used by them for more
than 50 years. With over 90 years of history, it comes as no surprise the castle is reportedly haunted.

Quite commonly people will report bumping into what is described as a mass, hearing the disenchanted voices of both male and female spirits, hearing boxes
scooting across the floor with no one around, as well as, hearing doors slamming. Other witnesses report seeing orbs in different areas of the castle,
experiencing unworldly temperature changes and voices have been recorded on audio tapes.

The castle holds ghost workshops twice a year, go to the castles website for more information.

Pythian Castle
Pythian Castle


Reed Middle School

On the fourth floor balcony, reportedly, you can hear disembodied whispers and footsteps.


Springfield National Cemetery
Located at 1702 E. Seminole (South Glenstone Ave. and East Seminole St.)

This cemetery was established in the 1860's. Graves of Union and Confederate soldiers, as well as veterans from all wars can be found in the cemetery.
Photos of apparitions, glowing headstones, and orbs have all been reported at this haunted cemetery.

Springfield National Cemetery


State Office Buildings
located on the square in downtown springfield

Reportedly the Park Central Office building, formerly a bank, has an ominous presence that feels like someone is watching you or following you. Also, there is
an old elevator shaft where people have reported eerie cold spots and a presence watching them. In the basement of the old building there is an old vault and a
tunnel that has been closed off that runs from building to building beneath the entire downtown square.

Another reported haunting that takes place is in the Department of Family Services Building, where a disembodied, unseen presence can be felt, particularly in
the basement, where eerie bumps, bangs, and other noises have been reported.

An interesting fact I would like to point out is that hangings took place on the Springfield square, it played a central role as a battlefield during the Battle of
Springfield, and was also the site of a true to life gun fight, where Wild Bill Hickock, shot and killed a man.

Park Central Office Building
Park Central Office Building

Landers Building
The Landers Building


University Plaza Hotel
333 John Q. Hammons Pkwy.

The University Paza Hotel, a 271 room, 9 story Hotel, boasts itself as Springfield Missouri's premier meeting place, complete with a convention center. One thing
the Hotel does not promote is the knowledge of a ghostly entity that walks its halls, for fear such information could potentially hurt its business.

"The Colonel", as he has become known, has been seen by almost every employee, past and present, of the Hotel. "the Colonel" is reported as being an older gentleman, dressed clad in black. He most often appears in the ballroom and in the rear hallways of the hotel, between midnight and 4:00 a.m. The ghost is
believed to be that of John S. Phelps, a local well-decorated hero from the Civil War.

University Plaza Hotel
University Plaza Hotel


Wilson's Creek National Battlefield
Wilson's Creek National Battlefield Foundation
P.O. Box 8163
Springfield, MO 65801-8163
(417) 864-3041
contact field agents at (417) 732-2662

Located 3 miles east of Republic, MO and is 10 miles SW of Springfield, MO. From I-44 take exit 70 (Hwy MM) south, crossing US 60 and continue 3/4 mile to
Hwy. ZZ. The Battlefield is located 2 miles south of ZZ.
From US 60 and 65, take James River Freeway (US 60) to FF and go south on FF to M. Follow M west, turning south on ZZ.

On August 10, 1861 the Battle of Bloody Hill (aka Oak Hills) ensued. It has since become one of the most famous battles in Missouri. At 5 a.m. on August 10,
1861, Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon led his union soldiers in 2 columns, one commanded by himself the other commanded by Colonel Franz Sigel,
into battle with confederate soldiers on Bloody Hill. The confederates attacked the Union forces three different times, but ultimately failed to penetrated Union
lines. Following the third attack which ended at approximately 11:00 a.m., the confederates withdrew. General Lyon was killed during the battle of Bloody Hill.
Major Samuel D. Sturgis took charge of the Union soldiers and ordered retreat to Springfield, MO.

There were 2,330 deaths on Bloody Hill; 1,235 were Union soldiers and 1,095 were confederate soldiers.

The Battle of Bloody Hill marked the beginning of the Civil War in Missouri. For the next 3 1/2 years Missouri was the scene of many fierce battles, finally coming
to a bitter end in the Spring of 1865. Missouri is considered the 3rd most fought over state in the Nation.
It is reported that many restless soldiers' spirits haunt Bloody Hill. Many people have witnessed ghostly apparitions of soldiers, most of which are reportedly

Visitors report hearing the sounds of cannons firing and guns being shot. There have been reports of unexplicable cold spots and the sounds of soldiers walking
and talking at night can be heard coming from the nearby woods.

Haunted Springfield - Missouri Paranormal Experience

Haunted Springfield - Missouri Paranormal Experience


Winoka Camping Grounds
Located just off the interchange of Hwy's 60 and 65, near lake Springfield. The entrance is just a short distance from the old Springfield Bridge, which spans
above Lake Springfield.

Once known as Winoka lodge, Winoka Camp Grounds. was owned by the Schweitzer family during the 1920's and used by the family as a summer home. The
name "Winoka" means "Great Spirit".

Legend states that the Camp was once the location of a Girl Scout Camp, and in the late 1970's a crazed lunatic abducted three girlscouts from their beds
during the night and after sexually assaulting his three young victims, he murdered them. This is merely legend, research has found that the Campgrounds were
never property of Girlscouts of America and were not the site of the murder, that in fact the three girls, ages 8, 9, and 10 were abducted and murdered on June
13, 1977 at a Girl Scout Camp near Locust Grove, OK. The actual site was immediately closed and never opened again. The murder remains unsolved to this
day. A convicted rapist was aquitted of all three girls murders and was returned to prison to serve time for other charges, he died 3 months later in prison of a
massive heart attack.

The fact is that the location is believed to be the site of paranormal activity. The camp was built atop ancient Indian burial grounds.

I have actually tracked my way through the heavily wooded area, along Lake Springfield. I was accompanied by my husband Todd and a friend Bo. Initially
another friend joined our midnight outing, but quickly retreated from the woods after she and I were both walking along the trail, I was a few steps in front of her
when we heard what can only be explained as a gutteral expultion of air, however, the sound was very audible and we both felt as if somethng brushed past us
as this happened. It was very eerie. I continued on with Todd and Bo, the trail is quite tretcherous, especially after dark. A huge tree lies across the path at one
point and requires you to climb over it. A little further along the path is a massive gully which is about 10-12 ft. deep. The only way across the trench is a small
path of dirt and tree roots, which require some effort to cross. We came upon some stone pillars with graffiti on them and then we came upon what appeared to
be an old well which had been capped, located in the center of a dug out, concrete and rock landscaped area. Much to all of our surprise was our next encounter.
There was an old, abandoned pool, overgrown by vines and littered with graffiti, which had a freshly built campfire burning in the middle upper edge of it. We were unsettled by this finding, especially because no other people made themselves known to us, even after we announced out loud who we were. I took some
photographs of the area and we retreated from the Campgrounds. As we approached the area where Heather and I had had an ealier encounter, Bo was quite a
way up the trail ahead of Todd and I, when again we heard a loud gutteral grown come from the woods, I had to force myself not to run.

Campfire in pool at Winoka
This is a campfire in the abandoned pool, and there is graffiti covering
much of the pool house beside the pool.

twisted tree limb on path winoka
This is a very interesting tree located along side the path to Camp Winoka.

Camp Winoka Pilar
This is a pilar located near the start of the trail leading to Camp Winoka.

1977 Newspaper article about the fire that destroyed Winoka Lodge

Fire ruins historic lodge, damages 2 apartment units

by Jack King

Fire marshals continued their investigation today into a blaze that destroyed the historic Winoka Lodge, an old farmhouse just east of the old Highway 65
bridge, at Lake Springfield.
The fire, which may have been a case of arson, inspectors say, was one of three major blazes battled Sunday and early today by city firemen. Cigarettes
were blamed as causes for the other two, both at apartment buildings.
No injuries were reported.
Concrete steps and a brick fireplace are about all that remains to the house, also known as the old Schweitzer place.
The unoccupied, three-story structure was engulfed in flames when Springfield Fire Unit 7 arrived at 2:25 a.m. Sunday.
The house and property is jointly owned by Mr. And Mrs. Lee Schweitzer, 2608 Glendale, and Jewell Schweitzer, 2550 South Luster, and Robert Fred
Schweitzer, 637 South Fremont.
* * *
Built about 1890, the structure once served as a hunter's club.
One of the early owners of the property, which originally included 54 acres and 11 springs, was Dr. Edward M. Shepard, who taught biology and geology
at Drury College from 1878 to 1908.
He sold one-quarter shares to Judge James R. Vaughn, Judge Jeremiah Cravens and Marcellus Holbrook. Cravens and Holbrook later sold their shares
to R. W. Stewart and Dr. D. F. Finel.
The name Winoka comes from the Osage Indian word for "great spririt," and flint in the area was used for arrowheads.
In later years, an arrowhead motif was followed in improvements and the works from an arrowhead-shaped fountain were donated to Drury.
The original property included an island in the James River, which was taken for construction of a highway bridge.
The Schweitzer family purchased the property in 1935. It had not been occupied in several years.
A pool and bath house are located on the grounds in the immediate vicinity of the house.
Firemen from Station 7, along with 6 and 9, also were sent to a fire this morning, at 4:52.
According to reports, a cigarette possibly was the origin of a blaze that damaged the apartment of L. Roberts, 2304 South Fremont.
Firemen apparently were able to confine the fire to the one unit, where a carpet, wall and night table were heavily damaged.
The apartments reportedly are owned by William Smith, 1739 South National.
* * *
About seven hours earlier, firemen fought another apartment blaze at 773 South Avenue, which damaged much of a unit occupied by Peggy Wilmes and
Kathy Sam.
The two were in the living room of their apartment when a cigarette which was dropped between the cushion of a sofa started a fire, firemen said. When
the occupants were unable to control the blaze themselves, the fire department was called and Stations 1, 3, and 6 responded.
"It's so scary," Miss Wilmes said, weeping as she clutched her cat, Karma. The pet and two others were rescued unharmed by firefighters while the two
young women waited.
Some grass fires also were battled over the weekend in the area.
Firemen from the Logan-Rogersville and Westside county units, with help from Boy Scouts, fought a Sunday afternoon grass fire between Division and Mill
Street, west of Mo. 125.
Sparks from a trash fire were suspected of causing the blaze.

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